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Tubes and pipes

Starting from HVAC until exhaust pipes and gas tubes, the world of tubes has little secrets to us.

De Bruyn Coating has experience with a large set of pipes and tubes. Going from small exhaust pipes and connection pieces until large and have cylinders. Base materials can be inox, galvanised steel, aluminum, casted iron or steel..

We coat these tubes with functional coating systems to create resistance against heat, to withstand offshore or chemical working conditions but also purely for esthetical reasons. Some application even require coating both outside and inside.

If certain areas of the piece need to remain free of paint, we have very efficient ways of protecting those areas.


We offer the full range of possible treatments for this client sector:

Our manufacturing lines can handle tubes up to 500kg and 8m long withou any hesitation. Heavier and longer can also be treated, but then we will check together with our clients the best possible options.

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